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#1 Dance
  “Life is just one big dance. Everyone dancing to their own tempo, their own beat, with varying dynamics. Some dance with a group, others with a partner, some alone.” Tobar looks at me, his eyes glimmer with an impossible depth. “And that’s okay, some of the most beautiful dances are solos. Because those dancers, as they spin round and round they never lose track of their beat.” Tobar carefully places my small hand over my heart and I can feel its steady rhythm. Together, we sit there. The stars shine overhead, impossibly bright in their beauty.
  As Tobar rises to leave he pauses and draws close, his voice like the rich, dark clay that lines the river floor, “Do not fear syncopation, Brisha. It ties together the world’s melody.”
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#26 Flower
Scio gripped the cool handle of the knife. Everything appeared to slow down, stuck in the thick syrup of time. He watched it all with a distant stare from the balcony. The swirling masses of people, pushing against the stark line of riot police. Their protesting shrieks diminishing to a background banter. He closed his eyes, reveling in the dark shelter it provided. He was dimly aware as his grip on the knife’s hilt slackened and gravity pulled it from his hands.
“It’s time.” His uncle’s voice wove its way through his conscious, shattering his peaceful hold and bringing time back to its break neck pace. Scio opened his eyes, flexing away the tension in his fingers.
“I know,” Scio said, his throat suddenly dry as he turned to face Mason.
“Everything has been going well, but it is crucial we stay ahead.” His uncle instructed from the doorway.
Scio nodded.
“The others are waiting inside,”
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#30 First Crush
First Crush
“Okay, I’ve got it.” Victor said, breaking the silence with a decisive clap.
“Got what.”
“Jeez, don’t be so excited, Tay, it’s disconcerting.”
Taylor gave an irritated shake of her head which Victor pretended to ignore, continuing, “here’s how the game goes, I say something and you say the first thing that comes to mind. You pause or repeat and you loose.”
“Sounds stupid.”
“That’s the spirit! Do you want me to start?”
“Why not?”
“Sloppy Joes.”
“Wait-what? How do sloppy joes have anything to do with feet?”
“This game isn’t about logic.”
“I know, I’m just curious how those two become connected in your annoying, hyperactive mind.”
“I don’t want to talk about it.”
“Now I really want to know.” When Victor
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Mature content
#3 Sand :iconc1aft0n:C1aft0n 2 0
#25 Shatter
    Gwen scanned the room. It was small and simple. A cot on the floor with a wash table but on the opposite wall a full length mirror stood. Gwen caught her breath and as though in a trance she walked towards it until her breath fogged the smooth surface. She stared at the person who was being reflected back at her. The person with the same dark curls and freckled skin. The person who shared her broad shoulders and muscular build. The woman who couldn’t possibly be her. She didn’t have that cold of a gaze. And those scars...
    Gwen traced the raised lines that ran across her face. Her heart thudded against her ribcage as her finger ended the trail on the bridge of her nose. She slowly brought it forward, into focus. She took in the blood caked in her fingernails. Blood that wasn’t hers. The room began to spin and she sank to the ground.
    She yearned for the Gwen she remembered. The girl with the dancing green eyes. The l
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#12 Vault
He broke through the surface, gasping for air. Twitch was already pulling herself out onto the bank, coughing violently. Adon waded toward her, noticing for the first time he was bare foot. The mud having sucked his shoes away from him.
Twitch hauled herself up and turned to find him. She flashed him a white smile that stood out against her mud coated skin and Adon felt a tingling in his stomach that had nothing to do with the questionable gunk he had just stepped in. Her ball gown hung limply from her, the tons of mud weighing it down, she, too, had no shoes and her perfect bun now resembled a rats nest. He couldn’t help thinking she was beautiful.
“Are you coming out or have you decided to move in with the pigs?” Twitch asked, beginning an attempt to ring out her dress.
Adon used a nearby vine and pulled himself out.
Twitch looked up and wrinkled her nose, “the way you smell you’ll fit right in.”
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Mechanic (Not Finished...)
Jethro pulled himself out from under the machine. Wiping his oil drenched hands off on his pants he sat up and leaned against the metallic exterior. Everything seemed to be in order, the filters were clean, oil changed, the engine was brand new and the gears were more lubricated than his grandfather's beard.  
He rubbed his forehead with the back of his hand, leaving a thin trail of grease. In his mind he ran over scenario after scenario searching for anything that could have caused the aircraft to collapse.
“Puzzling like this won’t do you any good, boy.” His grandfather slouched in the doorway, his fingers locked around a grimey bottle.
“It’s better than waiting for it to work itself out.” Jethro shot back as he pulled himself up and walked to a small table that was covered in various tools and papers. He leafed through the pages of a notebook apparently oblivious to his grandfather’s disapproving grunt.
“This obsession of yours,”
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Bris and Adon
Bris frowned at him.
“What?” Adon said, defensively crossing his arms, “he’s so full of it.”
“And you’re not.”
“He’s not just full of it,” Adon continued ignoring her, “he’s bursting with it, exploding, gushing forth, brimming, teeming...” he fell short, having ran out of words and instead vented his emotion by kicking a stone.
Bris paused then threw back her head and laughed.
"That’s nice." Adon growled, turning to leave.
“Wait,” Bris grabbed his arm, “I’m sorry, it’s just. You are so alike-”
Adon’s glare turned ice cold.
“No, no, no, let me finish. alike in a very different way.” Bris hurried, “You two are like,” she searched around her eyes falling on worm and and the stone he had kicked. She picked them up, “See, you’re like this rock and he is this worm. Both of you are kinda greyish, and dirty, and bumpy and I woul
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#69 Rain
  A storm's coming. It was my one clear thought as I broke my way through the thick vines. Moisture hung thick in the still air and the surrounding jungle expelled an eerie silence. A few drops of rain from the dark clouds began to fall, joining the sweat that clung to my dark skin. A low rumbling echoed through the forest snapping me out of my almost drowsy state. Reminding me that this was no ordinary storm.
  I started to run. My bare feet sinking into the damp ground. Excitement urged me on, slowly diminishing my wary knowledge that there was more to come.
  A large flash of lightning and the rain intensified, pounding through the thick foliage of the monstrous trees. I broke into a sprint, the bright green of  the jungle flashing past. Me against the rain. Faster and faster I ran until my legs felt disconnected from my torso; unable to keep up with the pace my heart set.
  Then it stopped. The lightning quit and the thunder ceased. I slowed d
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The Assassin
  The white bird of prey on her shoulder shifted its weight, its talons digging into her leather shoulder pad. Asta raised a finger and gently stroked the kite’s feathery head, she understood the uncomfort of being trapped within the foreboding walls of the city.
  The sliver of moon glared down from overhead providing the only light in the shadowed streets.  Asta quickened her pace, she wasn’t far now and she never kept someone waiting.
  She took a last turn and descended down a set of dilapidated stairs. She ducked into a darkened doorway, pausing as she noticed a trail of soft footprints in the sandy ground.
  So she had enough sense to arrive early.  Asta quickly ran her fingers through her shaft of arrows plucking one from the shaft and fitting it to her bow. It always paid to be prepared. She started down the long hallway of the building. She frowned, something didn’t feel right about this.
  The hallway stopped and another se
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#41 Apple
    “It’s impossible!” Alanis cried, her blue eyes flashing angrily.
    “Impossible, no. Hard, maybe.” He paused, a slow grin spreading across his face, “But that’s what makes it fun.”
    “Then you’re the one that’s impossible!” Alanis burst, “Calen, maybe you can get some reason into his thick skull.”
    Calen looked up from the sword she had been sharpening, “Sorry, I’m with Sev on this one.”
    Alanis let out a huff of frustration, “But it’s suicide! A ploy! A... A...”
    “A chance for revenge.” Calen said, standing and piercing an apple off the tree with her sword.
    “Come on,” Seven groaned, “it’s the perfect opportunity.”
    “Too perfect.” Alanis growled, “haven’t
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James sat on the coach glancing at the large grandfather clock. Impatiently he tapped his fingers on the arm rest.
“She isn’t back yet, is she?” Seamus asked, appearing from the kitchens doorway loaded with leftovers.
“Who?” James asked, looking up.
“Oh, let’s see now... What’s her name again? You’ve only been obsessin’ over her for months now.”
“Have not.”
“Have to.”
“Have n-listen, I’m not doing this.”
“C’mon. Everyone always fallin’ for you. I think it’s fine if you trip a little yourself.”
“I’m not tripping.”
“Then why’re you still up?”
“I couldn’t sleep.”
“Uh huh.” Seamus said smugly.
“I just want to make sure she gets back, all right?”
“We all know she can ‘andle ‘erself. Besides, Finn’s with ‘er.”
James’ expression darkened.
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